There’s been some great animated maps in the data viz world of late. Most notably this stunner by John Muyskens for the Washington Post, showing the diverted flight paths of planes getting themselves into the line of the recent solar eclipse. What’s more it was made with R and ggplot2! Have a look here: Hundreds of aircraft flocked to the moon’s shadow during Monday’s eclipse. Animation by @JohnMuyskens Data courtesy of @flightradar24 pic.
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Digging into some electoral data The 2017 election is hardly interesting, from a data perspective. We all know the map will be mostly blue with some red blobs and a yellow top. Like Maggie Simpson, as the Radio Times pointed out… It’s often the same with research and data we use for business. Research teams carefully construct management reports each month but when little changes, not much attention is paid. Considering how much we paid for the data, or how much is traded on it, that feels like a missed opportunity.
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