TL;DR If you’re looking for a tool to scrape all the posts in facebook page/group with a link and have the data presented to you in a searchable, filterable table then check out the shiny app I made for this purpose by clicking on the image below (very niche market, I know).

If however, that’s not why you’re here, and would like to look at some interesting ways of visualising social media data (or any kind of events over time data), please read on.
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UPDATE: We’ve just done an update to this tutorial on our new blog using R Spatial’s new simple features package! It’s a much nicer workflow than the one below so head over to Multivariate Dot-Denisty Maps in R with sf and ggplot2 now to check it out. Cheers! Background I recently came across Eric Fisher’s brilliant collection of dot density maps that show racial and ethnic divisions within US cities.
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Digging into some electoral data The 2017 election is hardly interesting, from a data perspective. We all know the map will be mostly blue with some red blobs and a yellow top. Like Maggie Simpson, as the Radio Times pointed out… It’s often the same with research and data we use for business. Research teams carefully construct management reports each month but when little changes, not much attention is paid. Considering how much we paid for the data, or how much is traded on it, that feels like a missed opportunity.
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Hello world

Hello from Culture of Insight! Welcome to our new blog. We are a data visualisation consultancy based in London, helping some of the UK’s top companies turn their data into insight. For more information about what we do you can check out our main site. Here we’ll be showcasing some of work in amongst our general musings on all things data, analytics, programming (#rstats), and design. Thanks for your interest in Culture of Insight, stop by again soon!
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