TL;DR If you’re looking for a tool to scrape all the posts in facebook page/group with a link and have the data presented to you in a searchable, filterable table then check out the shiny app I made for this purpose by clicking on the image below (very niche market, I know).

If however, that’s not why you’re here, and would like to look at some interesting ways of visualising social media data (or any kind of events over time data), please read on.
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Background I recently came across Eric Fisher’s brilliant collection of dot density maps that show racial and ethnic divisions within US cities. His work was inspired by Bill Rankin’s Map of Chicago that was made in 2009. Bill makes some salient points in this video about the limitations of choropleth mapping (where boundaries are filled with one colour based on one variable) and how it has a tendancy to “reinforce political ideals of national determination and ethinic homogeneity.
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