We are a data consultancy based in Islington, London, helping some of the UK’s top companies turn their data into insight.

Some of the things we do include:

Data Tidying

  • we develop reproduceable workflows to get more value out of messy data quickly and efficiently
  • merge multiple, disparate datasets into one tidy data source better suited for analysis
  • reshape the data to required specifications

Data Visualisation

  • publication quality graphics in a variaty of output formats (static or interactive)
  • reproducible, automated reports that could save you hours of work every month
  • mapping with geographical data

Bespoke Web-Applications

  • access key insights from any web-browser
  • democratise data accross your organisation by allowing self-serving access to data
  • surface insights by getting data out of spreadsheets and into rich web-based visualisations
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For more information you can visit our main site, or check-out our blog section where we’ll be showcasing some of work in amongst our general musings on all things data, analytics, programming (#rstats), and design.

Thanks for your interest in Culture of Insight!